Nil Blues

Being a Nilgirite makes you go through a large number of experiences, ranging from the gloomiest to the most hilarious. Whatever the case, such things remain etched in your memory for a very long time indeed. So much so that often you talk with fondness about the “bullet-proof” quality of the rotis you get for lunch, the persons you invited for the Hostel / STIC Dinners with some ulterior motives in mind, the number of times you participated in the hostel Socials, how many runs first Gavaskar, then Tendulkar and now Kohli scored in the match on the night before your PH110 major and the magazines that are circulated in hostel wings to the joy and delight of the residents.

Here we have a listing of some anecdotes and some juicy bits of life that one faces.

Anecdotes (or Kisse Nil Ke)

Other Fun things

  • The Hostel Lingo
  • The Adventures of Rose – A cartoon strip run in the Campus Rumpus of 1998-99 by Joe Joseph (1996-2000), Sumit Sharma (1996-2000) and Ritesh Banglani (1995-1999). This strip could give Dubyaman, its contemporary in the Times Of India a run for its money.