The Hostel Lingo

Over the years every IIT develops its own lingo. And the lingo stays more or less uniform over all its hostels. IIT-D and Nilgiri are no exception to the rule. Of course, there are some very imaginative people who seek glory by concocting some very new and innovative bits of language improvisation. We salute them. Now for the list.

  • Arbit – Random, senseless
  • Cool Crack – Great job
  • Shade ho gaya – Could be used to convey the feeling that results from several kinds of mishaps, like one’s fly coming undone at an inopportune moment, or being turned down by a girl, or losing out on a grade.
  • Fundoo – Excellent
  • Gandaa – PJ
  • Gandi Fight
  • Max C… kat gaya
  • C… gaya
  • Kat le
  • Kat gaya
  • Scene kya hai?
  • Max T… Khana bana hai
  • Bhains ke T…
  • Not to mention some unprintables (BC, MC and their derivatives)

Some of the innovative ones that are not in the above list include:

  • Something involving a mother, a father and a telescope or an antenna, courtesy a legendary Bengali entrant of 1995.

Some of the mottos the hostel has had over the years:

  • Together we make it happen (a general favourite, because of the fact that the first word has three syllables)
  • A passionate dream … An inspired team
  • We aim for perfection … we settle for excellence