Welcome to the Nilgiri Hostel, a hall of residence at IIT-Delhi.

The place where great thoughts are shaped and champions are made.

People thought that the earth was flat …
… Magellan proved them wrong
People thought that the sun moved around the earth …
… Copernicus proved them wrong
If you thought that IIT was a place for uber-nerds …
… We Nilgirites are here to prove you wrong

We have won big as a hostel, and as residents of the hostel. Many times. Every year. Look here for some of our major wins.

Blue Blood
If you are a Nilgirite, past or present, this is for you. Connect with other Nilgirites here, and sign up if you find yourself missing.

Nil Blues
In the mood for something old and something good? Something that has stood the test of time at Nil? Some gifts to keep from your life at Nil?
Common Room
Here is where it all happens. Where great minds meet, and great spirits win. Watch it all at work!