We, the Nilgirites

People thought that the earth was flat …
… Magellan proved them wrong
People thought that the sun moved around the earth …
… Copernicus proved them wrong
If you thought that IIT was a place for uber-nerds …
… We Nilgirites are here to prove you wrong

About IIT

(Well, if you are from IIT-D then you can skip this section about IIT and go right ahead into the next)

Situated in Hauz Khas in Southern Delhi, IIT-Delhi is truly a hub of student activity of all kinds – cultural, literary, sports and of course, academic. Always at the helm of pioneering advances in several fields, IIT-D’s alumni have made a name for them all over the world. No wonder, every alumnus is proud to be called an IIT’ian.

IIT-D has 12 hostels:

  • Kailash and Himadri for girls
  • Nalanda for married students
  • Kumaon, Vindhyanchal, Shivalik, Jwalamukhi, Aravali, Karakoram, Zanskar, Satpura and last, but definitely not the least, Nilgiri for boys.

This page is dedicated to Nilgiri Hostel and all its residents.

About this site

This site has something for almost everyone. We presume that being a part of IIT-D, this site should reflect the spirit of IIT-D as a whole besides that of Nilgiri hostel.

  • If you are searching for a Nilgirite, these are links (corresponding to those on the left) that could help you out:
    • Blue Blood – For a database on Nil residents, past and present.
    • NilBest – A who’s who in Nilgiri’s history.

    Please note that the database is quite incomplete – we are working on it!

  • If you are a Nilgirite, erstwhile or current, this site is for you. You will find a some fun things to look at in the Common Room.
    • Please check if your name is in the DB. If it isn’t, please write to and we will add you in here, creating a login for you so that you can modify your details yourself.
    • If you are looking for some photos of the hostel and other little bits and pieces that made life fun, then please visit the Nil Blues link.

    Do write to if you would like to contribute more to this.

  • The goings on in Nilgiri are reported here and in the NilBest section, so you can keep yourself upto date with information.
  • Links to the pages of other hostels and some other IIT-related pages are found in the Links section of the Common Room.
  • If you are a visitor and all you want to do is have some fun looking at various sections of the site, please feel free to do so.
  • Please feel free to sign in the guestbook. Any constructive criticism will be greatly appreciated. And if you don’t
    have any suggestions to offer but you only want to tell us that you liked our site, please do so. We all love to be told that someone has liked our work at some time or the other. If you don’t like the site, tell us that as well – hell, even that needs to be told and heard!
  • We have a mailing list called nilgirites. This is a “Nilgirites only” mailing list and has well over 100 members. Please sign up if you want to be in touch with others of Nilgiri.
  • This site runs on space provided generously by some alumni. If you would like the site to be up for longer, please make a contribution. No amount is big or small and everything is accepted with open arms. Please have a look at those responsible for keeping the site up, monetarily or otherwise. No profit is made from your contributions and the entire amount is used solely for lengthening our subscription.